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Having to make some hard financial decisions, you let the car payment slide one month, thinking you’ll make it up the following month. However, the moment that due date passes, your car becomes eligible for a repo. A couple of weeks later — pushing a cart out of the grocery store with your children in tow — you go to the spot where your car was parked, and it’s gone. After getting over the shock, you resign yourself to the loss and Uber home. However, repossession is just the beginning, there

  There is no reason why you should be afraid to take CBD oil or cannabidiol, the concentrated extract of cannabis. This product contains cannabinoids, chemical compounds in marijuana or cannabis that do not get you “high”. It has been used in several studies and even the World Health Organization says it can treat some conditions. The UK has legalized its use medically, and consumers now have easy access to therapeutic CBD oils. Here is a quick guide to help you learn how you can take CBD oil. Inhaling You

Have you ever thought about making your own perfume? Here are some things you need to know before you even select your first scents! If you are a connoisseur of scent, you might be struggling to find a perfume which you feel is wholly “you”. No matter how many you try, you still might not be able to find one which is your perfect scent. When this happens, many decide that they want to dabble in perfumery. However, it is not always as simple as mixing together some essential oils.

The benefits of the right technology to your restaurant are beyond your wildest dreams. Here are examples of popular technology as well as some reasons to get it and what it can help you achieve. Digital POS System Over four-fifths of all restaurants use a POS system, and these are getting more and more sophisticated with time. Some POS systems integrate with tabletop tablets so customers can look at digital menus, place orders, and pay themselves. Others offer advanced reports, which make it possible to identify which product categories are

An estimated 150,000 construction site accidents take place each year according to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From temporary setbacks to permanent, life-altering injuries and deaths, these accidents have a wide range of outcomes. While virtually anything could go wrong on a construction site, five types of injuries take place more often than others. Seeking legal help after injury like one of these could be the key to covering resulting medical treatments, lost wages and other damages. 1) Head and Spinal Cord Injuries Injuries to the head,

We often hear of the benefits of getting a great night’s sleep and how we should be sleeping between 7-9 hours each night but in reality things are that easy are they? A couple of years ago I was really trying to work on my sleep pattern as I was only getting between 4-6 hours per night, and it was rarely high quality sleep. My roomie at the time Bogoljub Karic was a great help with this and encouraged me to get a nightly routine together, rather than taking melatonin

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