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Building a successful business is tough. You have to wear many hats – from CEO to janitor depending on what the situation requires.  But what if the situation requires better accounting? Sure, you may have a real passion for numbers. But if you’re running a business or trying to grow it, you can’t spend all your time balancing your company’s books.  Now, if you’ve decided to hire an accountant to keep your tasks more manageable, great. Here, we’ll talk about how to find a good accountant if you don’t know where to

Marijuana is increasingly becoming the most abused recreation drug on the market today. Several jurisdictions began legalizing the drug on basis that it can be used for medicinal purposes. Though most users believe that it’s harmless, marijuana actually has negative long term effects on the human body. The long term effects of weed range from memory loss to damage on body organs such as the lungs and heart. Read on to learn more about them below. 1. Memory Loss Smoking weed on a daily basis can affect the hippocampus, which

Your resume has 30 seconds to impress the recruiter, and your headshot plays a significant role in that respect. Whether it’s the corporate sector or the fashion world, professional headshots have a way of making your resume or any official application attractive. Apart from professional requirements, headshots can be used for various personal purposes as well. Since the first impression matters quite a lot and your headshot works as a deciding factor for that matter, here is a list of justified reasons which explain the need for professional headshots elaborately.

Social media is now huge with the popular platforms having literally millions of active users. Instagram for example has over 800 million people who use it regularly; a staggering figure. Of course, one aspect of social media that many love is building up a large number of followers to engage with. This can soon lead to your every post being liked or commented on by others in a positive way. For some, this can even begin to earn them money and can become a full-time career! If you think this

What Your Choice of Holster Design Suggests about Your Personality If you are a gun owner, then you’ll know that there are many different types of gun holsters for you to choose from. You might find that you enjoy using a pancake holster while your gun owner friends prefer using a shoulder holster to carry their gun. Here, we are going to discuss what your choice of gun holster design says about your personality. Keep reading to find out more and get some insights. Shoulder Holster If you are a

If you feel like someone is watching your 24/7, you’re probably not wrong. All the times you awkwardly peeked over your shoulder, someone was staring at you. No, you don’t have magic powers. What’s known as our “sixth sense” is actually a survival mechanism. Our eyes automatically pick up on things not in direct line of sight. You probably don’t even realize they are until you’re looking into the eyes of someone staring at you already. If this has happened multiple times and it’s been the same person all along,

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